Academic Members

Sedat YENİCE Assist. Prof. Dr.  (Head of Department)
Bekir KAYA
Tuğba DÖLEN Dr.
Ayşe İŞİ
Suudan Gökçe GÖK
Emine Aybike AKKUTAY


Accounting and Tax Applications Program aims to train qualified professionals who will serve as intermediate workforce required in the field of accounting. The two-year program has been prepared in accordance with criteria that target the sector. The purpose of the program is to educate students who will comprehend practices, requirements, innovations in the target sector and effective, thinking, problem solving, enterprising with analytic thinking skills. This process that consist of four semesters after vocational courses such as of accounting, business, finance, economics, business mathematics, law of obligations, cost accounting, bank accounting, commercial law, the inventory balance, the Turkish tax system and law, corporate accounting, auditing such as ethics.

In addition to the vocational courses program is; supported by computer, professional English, Capital Markets and Institutions courses to compensate sectors’ needs. Additionally, through computer application accounting course, it is aimed to help students learn at least one accounting packaged software and use it effectively. During last year, students have opportunity to practice their knowledge and skills through internship opportunities.

"Accounting Personnel" title is attributed to Accounting Program Graduates. Graduates work in accounting, finance and audit departments of large enterprises offices of the Accountant and Chartered Accountant and bank’s management and organization staff.

Graduates who wish to continue their education may directly go on with third grade of Business Administration Department Open Education Faculty without examination. Additionally,students have opportunity to continue with four-year undergraduate programs of various universities based on their score in External Transfer Exam that is conducted by Assessment Selection and Placement Center and quota.

Additionally, those who complete a four year undergraduate proram in a faculty and fullfill other legal requirements may become the owner of their own business by deserving the title of Certified Public Accountant based on their success in the exams conducted by Turkey Public Accountants, Certified Public Accountant and Union of Chambers of Certified Public Accountants and Sworn-in Certified Public Accountants of Turkey.

Weekly Course Schedule