Academic Members

Ömür UÇAR Dr. (Head of Department)
Mehmet DEĞER
Elif Şebnem TÜRE
Sultan Tülay KAHRAMAN


Today, the quality of vocational training is needed to increase and needs to be standardized. The growing importance of the human factor, in the businesses serving the area of hair and beauty services, employees' technical knowledge required by the profession, the skills and equipment, as well as customer relations, quality, health issues such as ethical values are expected to be sufficient.

Hair and Beauty Services its place and importance in human life is increasing with each passing day. Rapid developments in this field, has created a huge employment potential and increased the need for qualified staff. Also, considering human health during the execution of the profession, trained people serving in this area it is an inevitable fact.

The purpose of the Associate Degree Programe of Hair and Beauty Services, it is to train qualified vocational personels to gained vocational qualification required in line with scientific and technological developments, needs of sector.

In the program; such as hair care, skin care, body care, hair removal, makeup, massage are lessons in area next to them there are lessons in supporting area like anatomy, chemistry, cosmetics content, communications, occupational health and safety, microbiology, business, entrepreneurship and design principles are taught.In addition,internshipsare donein the sectorin orderto contribute toskills training.

Students who successfully complete the program; will be able to work in theater, cinema and television sector, the cosmetic sector, beauty salons and centers, hairdressing salons, public and private institutions and organizations in related fields, they able to work independently by set up their own business. In addition, they can work in private and in educational institutions that is related to the Ministry of National Education as master trainers.

Weekly Course Schedule