Academic Members

Medine KAYNAK   medinekaynak@gazi.edu.tr
Serap MUTLU serapmutlu@gazi.edu.tr
Banu AYDIN (Head of Department) banuaydin@gazi.edu.tr
Zekiye ŞENTÜRK zreyhan@gazi.edu.tr
Hatice BAYSAL gursoyh@gazi.edu.tr
Nuray DEMİREL AKGÜL nuraydemirel@gazi.edu.tr

Clothing Production Technology; is a program that given the technical and undergraduate education. Program, is a leading source applied in the supply of qualified manpower in the fields required by the textile and ready to wear clothing sector. In this program, it is aimed to train technicians who bear the qualifications required by the industry, are harmonized with the innovative thinking system, have high problem solving skills and may adapt their theoretical knowledge to the facts of business life. During the two years education period of the program, besides general knowledge courses, theoretical and applied vocational courses are offered. Furthermore, the students serve industrial internship for 30 days in the summer period. A majority of students come to pass without examination of the vocational and technical high school in Ankara .

The students who has completed Clothing Production Technology Program, may be employed in various departments of textile and ready to wear clothing sector such as; design, planning, production, marketing, management etc.

Graduate students from Clothing Production Technology Program can switch to undergraduate programs related with exams DGS
Preference is graduate programs;

Fashion Apparel Design
Fashion Design
Fashion and Textile Design
Stage and Costume Design
Textile Engineering
Textile Design
Textile and Fashion Design

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